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Administration, Teachers & Support Staff

  Name Title Contact
Emily Bland Bland, Emily Middle School Math Teacher 803-835-2025
Kyle Boyd Boyd, Kyle Headmaster 803-835-2011
Sally Boyer Boyer, Sally Administrative Assistant 803-835-2010
Heather Cline Cline, Heather Kindergarten & First Grade Teacher 803-835-2004
Chelsea Deahl Deahl, Chelsea Elementary Team Teacher 803-835-2023
Angie Ferreira Ferreira, Angie High School Electives & Math Teacher 803-835-2027
Sue Guest Guest, Sue Middle School Social Studies Teacher 803-835-2024
Laura Hall Hall, Laura High School Math Teacher 803-835-2015
Patricia Hatch Hatch, Patricia Middle School English Teacher
Sophie Ingerslew Ingerslew, Sophie High School Spanish Teacher 803-835-2015
Teressa Jensen Jensen, Teressa Fourth & Fifth Grade Teacher 803-835-2026
Marc Kurtz Kurtz, Marc Athletic Director
Julie Lang Lang, Julie High School History Teacher
David Mackay Mackay, David High School Science Teacher 803-835-2014
Katie Medina Medina, Katie Second & Third Grade Teacher 803-835-2005
Pam Miller Miller, Pam Administrative Assistant 803-835-2000
WGCS Office Office, WGCS
Alex Ray Ray, Alex Middle School Science Teacher 803-835-2017
Eric Robinson Robinson, Eric High School English Teacher 803-835-2013
Mary Rudnick Rudnick, Mary Music & Drama Program Director 803-835-2021
Mary Jo Shannon Shannon, Mary Jo Director of Admissions and Human Resources 803-835-2002
Laura Summer Summer, Laura Director of Finance 803-835-2001
Sandra Varela Varela, Sandra Assistant to the Headmaster 803-835-2003
Ashley Walker Walker, Ashley Substitute