A Place For Hope


The A Place for Hope project focused on a specific residence in the Blackmon Road area of Rock Hill, SC.  This residential area is home to many impoverished people, who often live without electricity or running water.  In October and November 2008, Walnut Grove headmasters Shannon and Kyle Boyd led many in the WGCS community in a work project, through which improvements were made, including:
Indoor plumbing (replaced outhouse) 
Running water (for the first time in over 40 years) 
New kitchen 
Interior renovations 
New windows 
New exterior siding 
Yard cleanup 

CN2 News Story
        NOV. 3, 2008: ROCK HILL, SC – Running water is one our most basic necessities. What if you lived in a place where you didn’t have that or other basic needs? Well, that’s the situation for many residents living in the Blackmon Road community, a place that’s become known for its deplorable living conditions. Now there’s hope for one homeowner as students, parents and volunteers join together to give her an Extreme Makeover. 
        90-year-old Hope Whitlock never dreamed she’d have a new home but now her dream is becoming a reality. 
        “I’m glad they fixed it up! I’m glad they fixed it up. It makes me feel good,” Whitlock said. 
        Walnut Grove Christian School in Charlotte is teaming up with the Blackmon Road community to give Whitlock a much needed—home makeover. Now we’re not just talking about freshly painted walls and new flooring but major things like a sewage system and a kitchen. 
        When Shannon Boyd, Founder of Walnut Grove, Saw the conditions of Whitlock’s home she was moved to action and rallied others. 
        “I can’t help everybody. I can help one at a time, but if we can give water to somebody, can we not give water to everybody? And who can do that? Cause they should be able to use the bathroom and not a porter john in the middle of the road,” said Shannon Boyd, a Walnut Grove Christian School student. 
Since Saturday, students, families and volunteers have been chipping away at some of the old framework of Whitlock’s home. Adding new windows, a kitchen and piping for running water. 
        Now Whitlock will have hope, just like her name. The makeover is expected to finish sometime Tuesday evening. Volunteers are still needed to complete the project.