Meet Mikisa

Mikisa's first Thanksgiving! Click here to view a video showing what God has done for Mikisa and her family in 2011!
$8,000!!!!!!!!!! That's right! Students, families and friends of WGCS pulled together and raised $8,000 in money and supplies for MIKISA!  Out 4th & 5th grade class raised the most money and they got to deliver everything to Mikisa and her mommy!  What a blessing to us all!  
Mikisa and her new mother, Christina, visited with us during Chapel Thursday, Sept 15, 2011. Christina shared from her heart that day, and gave us the full story how God brought Mikisa to be her daughter. We were so happy that many of our parents were able to join us. Thanks to EVERYONE for their support and prayers!
ITEMS We collected:
booster seat for mealtimes, sippy cup, non-slip plate and bowl, stroller, clothes shoes, coat, hat, scarf, mittens, boots, snowpants, school bag, lunch box, diapers, wipes, diaper bin, dresser, bookshelf, sensory toys, simple children’s books, kids books about adoption, blocks, crayons/paper/craft activities, wooden puzzles games, educational language tools (DVDs, books, etc to help her learn english)

$2100 Lawyer and Court fees
$300 Transportation to and from Kampala
$400 Visa fee
$100 Medical clearance exam through embassy
$1000 Finalization costs in the states
Christina, her new mother, found Mikisa during a mission trip and is formally adopting her.

Mikisa Mae had a stroke at birth and has some paralysis on one side of her body. She is 5 years old and could not walk or speak until recently when Christina began caring for her.  Since then she has made a lot of progress and can now stand with a walker and say several words. Her mother abandoned her at the age of 2, leaving her in a sewage ditch. A kind neighbor would let her sleep inside on her floor, but then would put her back on the streets to beg during the day. Christina heard about her, went and got her, and began giving her the care that she needed to grow strong and learn to trust.  At the time, she weighed 20 pounds and looked like an infant. Since Christina has had her, Mikisia has gained weight, learned to laugh, and understands for the first time what it means to be a child. Christina carries her on her chest so they can be close. Mikisa can now say "I love you mama". It is precious how they have already created such a tight bond. Christina plans on bringing Mikisa to the US to complete her adoption and get physical therapy for her. She believes her daughter will one day walk and have minimal residual effects from the stroke.  Christina loves this little girl so much and feels called to be her mom.  We consider it an honor and delight to help in Mikisia's transition from abandoned child in Africa to a happy little girl with a loving family in America.  Please join our efforts!

There is joy in blessing others and in being part of such an exciting time in this child's life.  Please share in our joy by participating in whatever way you can.  Feel free to share this undertaking with your friends and extended family so that we can shower this new family with our support!